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Welcome to the Art Studio Room, designed to ignite your creative vision, this unique photography studio is perfect for creative photographers and videographers. Complete with emblematic backdrops, floor-to-ceiling windows and professional lighting equipment, this extraordinary studio is guaranteed to inspire.

Designed by Icon Studio Space with an artistic mindset, this studio includes creative props and backdrops to enhance your imaginative exploits. The Art Studio Room lends itself to powerful editorials, evocative photoshoots, and immersive creative ventures. You will have access to industry-leading photography equipment throughout your studio rental, allowing you to focus on your vision!

Discover The Real Sand Area: Step into our Art Room and experience the magic of our real sand area. Feel the grains between your fingers as you embark on a journey of creation inspired by the earth itself. The tactile sensation of real sand will elevate your artistic journey to new dimensions.
We are strictly enforcing the studio capacity per room. The Art Room capacity is 7 people, to discuss capacity increase options please contact us directly.

Rate: $90 per hour. We are currently offering special discounts!



  • Can be used for different days on the calendar until October 1st, 2024.
  • If you would like to extend your booking while you are at the studio, no discount will be applied.

photo studio room with professional equipment

Studio Features

  • High 11.5 ft ceilings & 11.5 ft panoramic windows with an abundance of natural light
  • Sand area with props (vase, fabrics, chair, rope, easel)
  • Lighting equipment from Godox and Amaran
  • Blackouts curtains

Complimentary Equipment

  • 3 piece of ZUOCHEN Upgraded Heavy Duty Stainless Steel C-Stand with Boom Arm 61″-132″
  • 2 Godox SK400II Professional Studio Flash Strobe Light
  • Amaran 200D S
  • Backdrop Stand
  • Octa Softbox Godox 120sm
  • Backdrops  (grey, white, black, red, cherry, purple, orchid, beige)
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Get The Perfect Shot With Icon

Our Art Studio Room is designed with the artist in mind, ensuring a smooth experience where you can effortlessly bring your creative vision to life. Step into our spaces and let your imagination soar, as we provide everything you need to capture that perfect shot.

  • Professional Equipment: We offer a comprehensive range of equipment, ensuring you have everything you need to bring your vision to life.
  • Industry-Standard Lighting: Our studios not only benefit from beautiful natural lighting but are also equipped with industry-standard lighting gear, including spotlights, reflection umbrellas, and strobe lights.
photo studio room with sand